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A reading should always leave you a little brighter

By Appointment Only

204 W. Grand River Suite 280

Howell, MI 48843

Tel 517-518-4714

Dianna O'Grady             

A talented psychic medium, Dianna was born “tuned in” to the energies that constantly surround us.  Working with these energies for over 20 years has served to develop and fine-tune her natural abilities, and today her accuracy is highly regarded. In addition to private readings for her clients, she has assisted law enforcement with missing persons and murder investigations. She also possesses a natural ability to receive and interpret messages from those who have passed on. Dianna works for, by, and through God.


One hour and half hour sessions are available by phone or in person. 

Half-hour sessions - $85. One Hour Sessions - $155,

Dianna sits with one person at a time for readings. 

All appointments booked online must be made 24 hours in advance. Same day appointments are sometimes available and must be made by phone.  




How do readings work?


Dianna needs your first name, which establishes a connection with your energy system (aura) and allows her to begin reading your energy.  Once this connection has been made, she will see, hear, and feel information coming to her that is pertinent to you.  You do not need to ask any questions.  In most cases, she is able to tell why you are requesting a reading.  Dianna does not use ‘tools’, i.e. tarot-type cards or rune stones.   This is not to say that these methods are without value, simply that she works solely with the energetic connection created between herself and the client.   The information presented benefits her clients in many different ways, including providing closure for past issues, giving clarity to current situations, or offering a sense of direction and hope for the future.  Each client’s life situation is different, therefore each reading and the types of information provided are different.


Available Services
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