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Hello beautiful, wise soul!  Welcome to the Essential Wisdom Soul School! My goal is to always assist clients to live more fully from their soul by moving past limiting subconscious beliefs and strengthening intuition.  The workshops and classes offered are designed to assist you on your journey of happiness, well-being, knowledge, and understanding. No esoteric info here. You will learn how to practically apply all information and techniques into your daily life for the betterment of your entire life.

There are several ways to take a class all classes offered can be taken 1. In private one on one sessions. Packages are available for 4, 8, and 12 week 1-hour sessions. 2. Gather your friends, family, or workmates and form your own class..  3. Take the workshop when offered. Be sure to like the Essential Wisdom FB page to be up to date on all workshops offered.

The Essential Wisdom Process 
Intuitive Development

Ready to make a complete life transformation?

If so, this is the class for you!

Your thoughts, your emotions, your energy, your vibration, your perception of everything will change in a profound and beautiful way!

I've witnessed amazing transformations take place in this class for 20 plus years and it's not something that be can be easily defined, described, or explained. It's about you, it's for you, and it comes from you. When you're ready to begin living from the inside out and not the outside in, take this class.


This is a 4-week course and meets once a week for 2 hours per class. This is a class for anyone seeking to more clearly understand and use their intuitive voice.  This class is designed so each and every participant has his or her own experience.


  • Understanding how energy and intuition work

  • Meditation techniques

  • Energetic healing techniques

  • Learn to send and receive information intuitively.

  • And Much Much More.

People who have taken the Intuitive Development class have reported:

  • Having a sense of inner clarity

  • A stronger connection to their soul and intuition

  • A renewed sense of meaning in life

  • Discovery of gifts and abilities

  • Authentic confidence

  • Decreased anxiety and depression

  • Love for self

  • Empathy

  • Improved relationships

  • More energy and physical vitality

  • Peace of mind

Four 1 - hour consecutive sessions by phone or in office. - $500


The Forgiveness Formula

The ability to forgive yourself and others is one of the most challenging and liberating things we can do in life. To say, 'I forgive' is not a magic statement. Authentic forgiveness  = Authentic Freedom and requires genuine practice. Come work with me to release grudges, bitterness, anger and resentment once and for all.

Four One hour, consecutive appointments by phone or in office. - $500

Intuitive Coaching

This is your life and it is meant to be lived from an authentic and genuine balance of  Peace, Joy, and Love. Throughout my many years of reading, I have witnessed time and time again, how many people are living their lives through unresolved issues.  These issues become a pattern of being, the pattern becomes the state of being and the state of being eventually becoming a belief.   "This is just how life is."  Once a belief is in place, a literal mass can be detected in the energy field (Aura). When we are engaged in over-thinking and over-feeling we are feeding the issue, and the issue expands while the energy field contracts.

4 weeks  - 4 one-hour consecutive sessions ...

I have been working with clients in this capacity for over 20 years and continue to do so because the process works.  I'm not a therapist, magical healer, or an enlightened guru. I'm someone who observes life a bit differently than most, and have witnessed and understood how each and every soul is so very wise.

If you've come to a place in your life where you are out of balance or in a state of emotional suffering, then please allow me the honor of assisting you on your journey of discovery and healing. A return to your own Essential Wisdom.

Four 1 - hour consecutive sessions by phone or in office. - $500

Past Lives and Reincarnation

Have you lived before?

Join Dianna for this amazing 2-hour workshop designed to assist you in accessing past lives. This workshop will offer you a simple shift in your understanding and perspective. This is an experiential class!

Together we will explore:

Meditation and Hypnosis deepening Techniques that will allow you to access past lives and past life memories. Soul Mates and Soul Groups

Energetic and cellular memory. Recognition of your strengths, weaknesses, abilities, knowledge and personal attributes. What have you brought into this life from another? How is it affecting you today?

Four One hour, consecutive appointments by phone or in office. - $500  

Freedom from anxiety and depression

Whether you have attempted traditional therapies in the past or not, I invite you to come and learn a creative, holistic approach to understanding, managing, and moving on from anxiety and depression. In this two hour workshop, you will be presented with practical tools that can be easily applied in daily life. When it's time to heal sometimes we must stretch beyond the limits we've attempted thus far! This is not dull and daunting work but rather interesting and uplifting!

Four One hour, consecutive appointments by phone or in office. - $500


The Amazing Energy System

The Amazing Energy System!
In this 2 hour workshop, we will explore the workings of the energy system (aura) When we become conscious of this field and begin to use it in a practical way in daily life we begin to experience positive amazing results. You will learn simple effective techniques that anyone can achieve. Protect and expand your energetic field. Begin to become aware of the energy around yourself and others Send energy to anyone for healing physical and emotional issues Learn to consciously change the energy in a room or place. AND much much more!

Four One hour, consecutive appointments by phone or in office. - $500


Dream a little Dream

Some of the best conversations begin with... "I had this dream last night! ...." We sleep and dream our entire lives and never truly explore these states.

We often hear, "It was just a dream."

No, it wasn't.

There's always a message.



Your dreams are a source of insight for your inner growth, healing process (physical and emotional), relationships, the next step to take in career, and life in general. Any question you can ask can be answered through this state.

Our dreams are not only communication with the brilliance of the subconscious mind but many times provide communication with spirit and loved ones on the other side as well.


While dream books and random interpretations from Google, co-workers, friends, and family can make for engaging conversation, it's much more important and valuable for YOU to be able to interpret your own dreams.


When you've finished this workshop, you will be able to ask a question and receive the answer in a clear and concise way.

You'll be your own Dream Interpreting GURU!



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